Kevin Lowery Gallery & Studio

I am delighted to share with you the exciting news of the new The Kevin Lowery Gallery & Studio.  It has been an incredible journey of hard work and dedication, and I am overjoyed to see this dream come to life in the heart of Bundoran.

Located in Bundoran Retail Park, The Kevin Lowery Gallery Studio will not only showcase a collection of my own work, but will also feature works by local artists who share a similar passion for capturing the essence of our coastal surroundings.

My vision for the space is to become a hub for artistic expression, hosting exhibitions and events that celebrate the rich tapestry of artistic talent that our local community has to offer.

Continuing the tradition of open engagement, my art studio will once again be integrated into the gallery space. I am excited to connect with visitors, share insights into my creative process and to continue fostering meaningful connections through art and conservation.

To all those who have supported me on this journey, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Let’s come together to celebrate creativity, inspiration, and connection as The Kevin Lowery Gallery & Studio embarks on an exciting new chapter.

Opening Reception:
Join us on Friday the 3rd of May at 6.30PM, when renowned Irish surfer, author, artist, and marine social scientist, Easky Britton will officially inaugurate the new gallery space.

All are welcome, we hope to see you there!

Unit 10, Bundoran Retail Park, Bundoran, Donegal. F94 KH94